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Pedro Pascal Showing His Face on The Mandalorian Can Save Us

Pedro Pascal's face on the mandalorian to bless the timeline

Few things bring me the kind of joy that Pedro Pascal’s face does, and Disney+’s The Mandalorian gave me quite the gift in these trying times. The problem with The Mandalorian is that Din Djarin is part of a faction of Mandalorians who believe that they must always wear their helmets, and no one can take it off them or see their face.

In “The Believer,” that idea is questioned when Mayfield asks Din about the logistics of his mask life. Personally, I think it’s all leading up to Din adopting the ways of Bo-Katan, but we’ll have to wait and see what the finale holds for us. In this episode, though, Din was forced to do what he had to for his son and took off his mask to pretend to be part of the Empire.

Cue the internet collectively screaming about Din “Brown Eyes” Djarin.

din djarin face baby

To set the tone, here is an edit I made that’s just Din Djarin maskless set to Lady Gaga’s “Brown Eyes.”

When I tell you that the internet was WAITING for it to be Monday to talk about his face.

There is an unspoken rule among fans of The Mandalorian. We all wait until Monday to talk about big spoilers freely online (so if you haven’t watched before Monday, know that’s when people will start talking). And, as if we all were just waiting in the wings, the minute Monday hit, so did the love for Pedro Pascal’s face.

Why is it? Probably because we don’t see his face that often on the show. We know that he’s speaking as Din Djarin, but suddenly, when his mask is off, it’s like we forgot what Pedro Pascal looked like.

Anyway, it was a perfect way to usher in this strange holiday season. Mainly because I have done nothing but watch Pedro Pascal properties recently and I’m not exactly upset about it.

Do I hope that we get more of Pascal’s face in the future of The Mandalorian? Yes. Do I think I could live with one episode per season letting me look at him? Probably not, but I’d deal with it because dear lord is it a wonderful thing to behold.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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