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Never Take a Parent From Their Child, and This Week’s Episode of The Mandalorian Proves That

A man and his son (Din Djarin and Grogu) hanging out

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian is titled “The Believer,” and while there are some incredible action sequences and there’s a brilliance of Din Djarin accepting help from others, there is something more important we need to talk about. The entire episode was the next step in Din finding Grogu once more, and we got to see his dedication to his tiny son.

No really, this is his son, and everyone recognizes Grogu as such, and it is the cutest little family I’ve ever seen.

mando and baby yoda

So, let’s talk about how far Din Djarin is really ready to go to protect his boy.

**Spoilers for The Mandalorian episode “The Believer” lie within.**

In this week’s episode, Din had to go to Morak so that Mayfield could get the coordinates to Moff Gideon’s cruiser. All of this was because Gideon took Grogu at the end of last week’s episode. All other missions and journeys were forgotten the minute the Empire got ahold of his son, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect him.

Is this down far enough? Have I given you enough of a warning? Because now, here is the spoiler I’ve been waiting for: WE GOT TO SEE PEDRO PASCAL’S FACE. My running theory for this season of The Mandalorian (on top of him collecting a crew) is that we were going to get more maskless Pascal in season 3.

With the news that Bo-Katan was a different faction of Mandalorians who can take off their helmets (like Boba), and everyone pointing out that the Mandalorian way of Din’s Tribe is not the way of everyone else, makes me think that this is going to be a lot more common as the series goes on.

ANYWAY, Din is standing at an Imperial terminal to get the coordinates to Gideon’s cruiser, but it has to scan your face. Mayfield’s old commander is in the room where the terminal is located and he doesn’t want to go in for fear that he’s recognized, so Din takes the job. At first, he tries to scan with his trooper mask still on, but when it fails, he quickly does what he has to for his son.

pedro pascal face for the soul

Thank you for the face of Pedro Pascal in these trying times.

Mayfield continues to call Din “Brown eyes,” and I will now only refer to Pascal/Din as such. But anyway, the two get the coordinates and are about to leave when Valin Hess (Mayfield’s old commander) catches them and wants to talk to them. There’s a funny bit where Mayfield covers for them by saying that Din was near an explosion and that’s why he can’t hear and is constantly questioning things, but also, there is an entire scene where we just get to see Pedro Pascal’s face.brown eyes sceen

Feels so nice to see that face that brings me such joy. I miss it on this show. And yet, somehow, Din Djarin is still the hottest character around. I wish I understood myself and my feelings.

The three have a conversation before Mayfield takes the first shot, killing Valin Hess so that he and Din could start to get out of the base but by the end, he says to Din that he “never saw his face” so that he can put the mask back on and go find his son.din chilling

I honest to god think that we’re going to get more of Pedro Pascal’s face in the future, and if this is the first time we’re getting it when Din isn’t dying, I’m not going to complain about it.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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