Happy Birthday Pedro Pascal!
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For Pedro Pascal’s Birthday, Let’s Look at the Exciting Projects He Has Coming!

And an amazing fundraiser some of his fans put together!

Pedro Pascal at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

April 2nd is an important day and that’s because it’s José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal’s birthday! Pedro Pascal has become something of an internet boyfriend throughout the years, and that means there is plenty of love to go around for the Game of Thrones actor. After bringing Din Djarin to life in The Mandalorian, fans have continued to share their favorite onscreen single father, and the love is going around today!

(If you see me sharing a bunch of gifs of Javier Peña from Narcos to celebrate Pedro Pascal, no you didn’t. Just carry on.)

So, why not celebrate Pedro Pascal’s birthday by looking to what projects he has coming up?! I’m very excited for all four of these projects, and also still holding out hope that he’ll somehow find time to play Kraven the Hunter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Bubble

A Judd Apatow project that feels extremely meta for the world we’re living in, a group of actors are stuck living in a hotel when their movie gets shut down due to COVID. Starring Oscar nominee Maria Bakalova, Karen Gillan, Keegan-Michael Key, along with Pedro Pascal, the movie definitely feels right up Judd Apatow’s alley—meaning I’m going to love it. Apatow has a beauty to his movies that make you laugh through your tears and tell a wonderfully poignant story, so I’m very excited to see what The Bubble ends up bringing to us.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent 

Ever wish you could see a fan interact with Nicholas Cage? Well, that’s what this movie is. Javi (Pedro Pascal) is a superfan of the Raising Arizona star. So when Cage comes to his birthday party, he forces the actor recreate scenes from his favorite movies and iconic characters. So like … a dream situation? Can I have Harrison Ford at my birthday party this year?

The Last of Us

Based on the best-selling video game, The Last of Us is heading to HBO and is giving us Pedro Pascal as Joel (with Bella Ramsey playing Ellie). The thing about the game is that they’re in a post-apocalyptic world, and Joel has taken on the task of taking care of Ellie. So, you know, Pedro Pascal as a single-dad 2.0. But the game also features softer moments of Joel playing guitar, so will we get to see Pedro Pascal with a guitar? Who is to say!

The Mandalorian season 3

While we know we’re getting The Book of Boba Fett, when we’d normally be getting the new season of The Mandalorian, we are getting more of Din Djarin in 2022, and that delights me to no end. The last we saw of Din, he was suddenly the king of Mandalore and separated from his son, Grogu. So what does the future hold for the two we’ve come to love over these last two seasons? Hopefully, a wonderful reunion, but at least we’ll have the himbo king himself on the throne.

Fans have taken it upon themselves to celebrate Pedro Pascal’s birthday with a wonderful celebration of the actor on Twitter. The group behind PedroTrends joined together to set up a plan to celebrate the actor leading up to his birthday and to help raise money for charity in his honor!

“To gain momentum and to build community, we planned #7DaysofPedro, a week long celebration of things we have read Pedro loves. We chose #Happy46thPedroPascal because we wanted to have a hashtag that was specific to 2021 to go along with the fundraiser.”

Spending the week leading up to his birthday sharing edits and a fundraiser they started, they managed to raise roughly $6,000 in his name! The fundraiser will be giving the money to the Seneca Family of Agencies, and you can still donate here!  You can find more information about Seneca’s Todo Por Mi Familia campaign at their website.

Happy birthday to Pedro Pascal. I know from my own personal experience that your work has kept me sane throughout this last year in quarantine, and I know that so many others feel the same way! While we’re here, though, can you come back to Broadway again and do some more Shakespeare? I need some more after King Lear.

(image: Frazer Harrison/Getty)

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