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The Mandalorian‘s Din Djarin Is the Ultimate Himbo

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Din Djarin is the greatest himbo in the galaxy. He has usurped Han Solo and has taken over my heart as the silliest boy who tries his best. Before we get into it, let’s explore what being a himbo means. The definition of a himbo is simple: An attractive man who is not the brains of the operation. It’s generally agreed upon that he also has a heart of gold and is widely adored. There is an entire discourse surrounding the terminology and it is a hot button issue among fandoms.

Some believe that himbo is not a term of endearment and that we shouldn’t be commenting on a character’s intelligence in this manner, that this isn’t something we should look to in characters to love. I disagree. I don’t think calling someone a “himbo” means anything other than that the man in question sometimes does some really head-scratching things while being completely earnest and uncalculated about it the whole time. They’re usually also in service toward some heroic end. The classic example that arose when the discussion first broke on the internet was Brendan Fraser’s character Rick O’Connell in The Mummy and, more recently, Christ Hemsworth’s Thor. These men are muscle-bound, valiant, and often react first without overthinking it, while also admiring their brainier lady friends.

So for me, himbos are my boys who often fling themselves into peril for those that they love without a second thought. While they may not have spent a long time considering the consequences of their actions before taking them, it’s the spontaneity and lack of a greater agenda that can be appealing.

Thus I have come to realize that there is no greater himbo than Din Djarin on The Mandalorian. A character who is now accidentally the ruler of Mandalore, Din is a strong, beautiful man who only cares about protecting his son and honestly would rather be driving around in space truly not dealing with a single bit of nonsense happening around him.

All Din Djarin cares about is getting his son Grogu to Jedi daycare and that’s pretty much it.

It has been a long time coming. The first time we met Din, he was a bounty hunter working for Greef Karga and slowly fell into the role of being a dad to this little green creature that needed his help. The longer we spent with him, the more I realized that he’s the definition of a himbo.

He’s not my only himbo love but he has taken the number one spot. (It’s bad, I’ve added “Grogu’s mom” to my Twitter bio.) I believe that Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor also falls into this category. He’s smart about some things but most of the time, Steve does reckless things and just kind of takes a second to figure out why maybe he shouldn’t have. Gotta love him.

But there’s just something about Din that has taken me over completely and elevated him to #1 beloved himbo status. I think, more recently, it’s the fact that he beat Moff Gideon for the darksaber and when he was told that he was TRICKED into basically being the leader of Mandalore, his response was to say “I yield” and try and give the saber to Bo-Katan.

din djarin yielding

The thing is: If you explain something to Din Djarin, he gets it. He’s ready to do what you need him to. He’s just not going to think that much about it.

Like look at my boy, he threw a gun in the middle of a fight (only to realize halfway through the fight that he didn’t have on his Beskar armor).

din djarin throwing a gun

There are plenty of wonderful himbos in the world and in our pop culture. Hell, there are plenty of himbos in the Star Wars canon. But there are none like Din Djarin. He’s ascended to the top spot and I love him very much.

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