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HBO’s The Last of Us Found the Perfect Joel Miller in Pedro Pascal

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The Pedro Pascal as a good hot dad continues, and we’re being blessed.

Last night, news broke that Pedro Pascal would be taking on the role of Joel Miller in The Last of Us series heading to HBO. The popular video game that series is based on follows Joel and Ellie on their journey to finding the cure for an infection that turns people into zombies in their apocalyptic world. (That’s the short version, anyway.)

From what I know of the game, many love the relationship formed between Joel and Ellie as it grew throughout part 1 and into the recently released Part 2.

I would like to shoutout my friend Sophie Martin for talking me through The Last of Us. It’s on my list as I’m waiting to get a PlayStation, but I knew she’d absolutely love this casting. We spent the morning excitedly talking about Pascal in the role as I got the rundown on what the game is all about.

The show will feature a Game of Thrones reunion, as the Lyanna Mormont actress Bella Ramsey is set to play Ellie. Their relationship is in the same vein as the rest of the Pedro Pascal Daddy Cinematic Universe, meaning he finds a child who needs his assistance and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they’re safe. (Whoever looked at Pedro Pascal and said that “It’s father time”? I thank you.)

Ellie is a character who is trying to dedicate her life to finding a cure to the infection plaguing the world and is doing whatever it takes to help, and it will be interesting to see the trajectory the show takes between her and Joel on screen.

What I, personally, need is for a scene where Pedro Pascal is doing this. For reasons.

Pedro Pascal playing a guitar? Being a good adoptive dad for a little girl and trying to protect her? Can’t wait to kill over watching The Last of Us.

The show is being adapted by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. And while many are questioning how it’s going to work translating The Last of Us from the game to the screen, I do hope that it has the feel of The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The game took inspiration from that novel, as well as it being included on many “get ready” lists for the release of Part 2. Set in another apocalyptic world, a father and son must navigate a world together and try and find a safe place. That feel with Joel and Ellie’s story? It’d be incredible to see on HBO.

I’m excited for this show, and yes, part of that is due to Pedro Pascal playing Joel Miller, but It also feels like the kind of adaptation that HBO does exceptionally well. Time and time again, they’ve shown us their ability to adapted beloved books and games for the screen (minus some of the lesser parts of Game of Thrones), and I’m here for whatever they plan on bringing to The Last of Us.

(via Deadline, image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/Sony)

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