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Can’t Make It to PAX EAST? Watch It Live Right Here

Not all of us came make the trip up to Boston whenever PAX East rolls around. The news keeps coming out of the show, though, regardless of whether we’re there. We understand your pain. Friday — as in today — is the first day of the convention, and it’ll last through Sunday. If there were only some magical way that we could view what’s going on over there without having to actually leave the house. Oh. Wait. There totally is. You can watch a whole mess of panels streaming live after the jump.

If you’re curious about what exactly will be shown and when, you can check out the schedule here. For everyone else that just wants to live on the wild side, feel free to randomly check back on occasion.

Check out the bits we recommend giving a watch when they go live. All of these are ET:

  1. Future of Online Games Panel – Friday, 5:30PM to 6:30PM
  2. Friday Night Concerts: Friday, 8:30PM to 1:30AM
  3. The Making of Dust: An Elysian Tail: Saturday, 1PM to 2PM
  4. After the Endgame: Indie Studios Founded by 38 Studios Alumni: Saturday, 4PM to 5PM
  5. Saturday Night Concerts: Saturday, 8:30PM to 1:30AM
  6. You Game Like A Girl: Tales of Trolls & White Knights: Sunday, 1PM to 2PM
  7. eSports in 2013: The Past, Present, and Future: Sunday, 4PM to 5PM

There’s definitely something there for everyone.

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