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Labor Day Weekend is For Nerds: The Cosplay of PAX Prime and Dragon*Con

And All Was Right With the World


  1. Creeper Creeper

    A creeper in a dress, with matching purse? Must be PAX. But this weekend doesn't just play host to PAX Prime, but also the 25th annual Dragon*Con with its fabulous parade of cosplayers and fans through downtown Atlanta. Warning: the contents of this post may include Time Lord babies, intra-fandom team ups, and Sailor Scouts comforting lady Captain Americas.


  2. Mage Mage

    Here's a Diablo III Mage, complete with character banner.


  3. Daughters of the Eyrewood Daughters of the Eyrewood

    Two Daughters of the Eyrewood showed up at PAX, perhaps to have a talk with Gabe and Tycho about how long its taking them to actually produce the long awaited lady-oriented companion pieces to their Fantasy World Boy Scouts concept Lookouts.


  4. Chell Chell

    Aww, Chell found the Companion Cube!


  5. Storm and Tali Storm and Tali

    Storm of the X-Men and Tali of Mass Effect, two great flavors we never thought to combine.


  6. Katamari Damancy Katamari Damancy

    I wonder what kind of heavenly body you'd get if you rolled up all the cosplayers at PAX.


  7. Groose Groose

    I'll admit I'm not sure who those guys are, but the lady Groose of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is blowing my mind.


  8. Power Girl Power Girl

    Moving back to the east coast, the New 52's boob-windowless Power Girl couldn't miss Dragon*Con.

    (Geeks are Sexy)

  9. Sailor Scouts and Captain America Sailor Scouts and Captain America

    I had to put this one in here for just how much it looks like Lady Captain America is getting a pep talk from some Sailor Scouts. Soldier ladies got to stick together!

    (Geeks are Sexy)

  10. Rose and the Doctor Rose and the Doctor

    Guys. This is the closest we will ever get to seeing what Rose and the Donna!Doctor's kids were like.

    Also: TARDIS stroller. TARDIS STROLLER

    (The Tor Blog)

  11. Just a Mess 'o Star Trek Just a Mess 'o Star Trek

    What it says on the tin.

    (The Tor Blog)

  12. A Ghostbuster A Ghostbuster

    We agree with Tor, this lady looks awesomely happy to be a Ghostbuster.

  13. Steampunk Steampunk

    Wouldn't be a nerd parade without some Steampunk, and we'd just like to point out that those ladies have some huge... wrenches.

    What did you think we were going to say?

    (The Tor Blog)

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