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Paul Feig Shows Off All Four New Ghostbusters Action Figures

Your fears of Hemsworth-only sets can now rest.


Ghostbusters Kristen Wiig

Here’s a way to make it really hard for marketing departments to leave a movie’s female characters out of merchandise: make all the lead characters women like Ghostbusters. Short of a Chris Hemsworth-only (he plays their secretary, you’ll remember) action figure pack—or no figures at all—there was really no way things could go wrong, and we’ve finally got a look at our new Ghostbusters in toy form.

Director Paul Feig took to Twitter to assure fans that not only would he continue to give women awesome roles in his movies, but that they’d come to the toy front, as well:

And then he showed us what we’ve all been waiting for:

(With some excellent shade thrown at other toy lines that have resulted in #WheresNatasha and #WheresRey.) Dang. That articulation—and if that’s not your thing, “over 20 figures in all sizes & styles” sounds like you’ll have plenty to choose from.

(via Gizmodo, featured image via Sony Pictures Entertainment)

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