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Patty Jenkins is No Longer Directing Thor 2

Today in Depressing

So here’s a story that we’re very unlikely to ever hear the full version of: Patty Jenkins, director of the award winning Monster, has left the production of Thor 2 due to “creative differences.” Thor 2 still has almost two years to get itself done before its unshakable release date in the regimented scheme of Marvel Universe movies, but considering the lengthy post-production process for the effects laden series Marvel is already casting around for new talent to helm the wing-helmed god’s second title role.

This is particularly disappointing news for us at The Mary Sue, because Jenkins would have been the first female director to have a movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe put in her care. And can you blame us for being interested in seeing Jenkins, whose most celebrated film rides the line between sympathizing with and demonizing its villainous protagonist, tackle the Thor/Loki relationship? But there may yet be a tiny, possibly illusory ray of hope.

According to Deadline, who broke the news,

Her exit had to do with creative differences, but the feeling is that she’ll probably end up working on one of these superhero films, but perhaps not on a sequel.

Perhaps not a sequel, eh? Well, that rules out all most of the dudes in The Avengers. Are we talking an overdue Black Widow movie here? Nick Fury? I’d say to keep your fingers crossed, but since 2014 is the earliest any such movie would actually be released, we assume you’ve got better things to do with your hands. I do wonder exactly what “creative differences” were going on here, just as a writer who is fascinated by the process of adaptation. Alas, the world may never know.

(via Deadline.)

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