You Can Own Your Own Town For Just $800,000

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If life in the big city, or even the suburbs, has been getting to you lately, you may want to consider relocating to Scenic, South Dakota. For just $800,000, the entire town can be yours. Yes, the entire town. But what would your investment get you? Well, up for grabs is the town’s dance hall, saloon, two jails, train station, two empty retail spaces, and a handful of empty buildings.

The town has only 10 residents, mostly related to the current owner, so you would have plenty of space to bring the family and a few friends and do whatever you’d like, law permitting. But then again, you’d own both jails and law enforcement would be up to you, so punishment for minor offenses may best be settled like you’re in the Wild West. Since you will be. The town is up for sale because its current owner, Twila Merrill, has been diagnosed with cancer and her family can’t keep up maintenance anymore. This isn’t the first time that an entire town has gone up for sale. Actress Kim Basinger purchased the town of Braselton, GA for $20 million, but was then forced to sell the town at a considerable loss after her plans to turn it into a tourist spot fell apart.

Basinger’s ill-fated adventure in town ownership may serve as a warning to others who are enticed by the idea of having their very own zip code. Ownership of the town comes complete with all those buildings, because they will be your responsibility. That may be more pressure than some people really want to take on.

Easily described as a cowboy’s paradise, this little town in South Dakota is as picturesque as it is ramshackle. But if you’ve got the funds for it and are up to the challenge of town ownership, these 46 acres could be just what you’re looking for.

(via Yahoo News)

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