Taika Waititi as Blackbeard pointing in Our Flag Means Death.

If Taika Waititi Tells Us To Go to New Zealand, We’re Going to New Zealand

You can't tell a pirate who to love.

There are so many reasons to love Taika Waititi. Today, his amazing series Our Flag Means Death is back for season 2 on (formerly HBO) Max. His chaotic and emotional take on Edward “Blackbeard” Teach has captured all of us. When his heart broke, so did ours. And now we’re in for a whole new season of his ups and downs. Between writing, directing, acting, and producing, Waititi has a busy schedule, but the New Zealand native still found time to work on a tourism ad for his home country. Or did he?

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This advertisement by 100% New Zealand opens with Waititi in full Blackbeard costume saying, “You can’t tell a pirate who to love!” After finishing the scene, he gets a call from writer and director Jackie Van Beek asking if he’s ready to shoot the video showing how wonderful New Zealand is. Waititi tries to enlist his body double for the ad, hoping to use wide shots and obscure his face to get away with it. Who would be able to tell the difference, right? Waititi obviously walks around every day dressed as Blackbeard. We all would if we could.

However, Van Beek convinces Waititi that New Zealand needs him. He de-wigs and shoots the ad with a beautiful New Zealand landscape behind him. I also really hope he refers to himself as “T-Bone” in real life.

Watch the full video below:

So I guess we all need to start saving for our trip to New Zealand. And don’t forget to keep up with Our Flag Means Death. The first three episodes of season 2 are streaming now on Max!

(featured image: Max)

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