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This “Ostrich” Pillow Is Very Comfy, Kind of Dangerous

Pros and Cons

Now that you’re out of bed, here is the plan for your upcoming nap: Grab your trusty ostrich pillow, stick your face in it, try not to suffocate while catching your afternoon ZZZZs. Designed with the flightless bird in mind, the “Ostrich Pillow” was meant to simulate darkness in accordance with the urban legend that ostriches fall asleep if a paper bag is placed over its head (because they think it’s nighttime, and nighttime = sleepytime). Good idea: blocking out all light so you can take a nap at your desk. Bad idea: there doesn’t seem to be an air hole. While it’s probably a hoot to look like a dead alien sleeping at your desk, it’s less of a hoot to actually die there. Alas, designer Kawamura Ganjavian is still working out the kinks.


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