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Tiffany Haddish, The Florida Project & More Unforgivable Snubs in This Year’s Oscar Nominations

The nominations for the 2018 Academy Awards were announced this morning, and as Teresa already mentioned, there is a lot we’re over the moon about. Lady Bird and Greta Gerwig! The Big Sick got a screenplay nomination! Get Out and Jordan Peele are nominated for so many things! There were some really exciting choices this year.

But there were also some disappointments.

Here’s what we’re sad to see left out:

Wonder Woman

Sure, we would have loved to have seen Wonder Woman come away with a Best Picture or Best Director nomination. I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t think it was an Oscar-caliber film, whatever that means. As if The Post or Dunkirk or any others were objectively, factually brilliant.

Marykate’s already been over a lot of the feelings regarding the nomination of Logan and the exclusion of Wonder Woman, but I still do not understand how the film wasn’t nominated for–if nothing else–its costumes. Those gorgeous, deeply-researched, practical yet totally superhero-appropriate costumes were an incredible feat and of all the categories in which Wonder Woman was not nominated, that one seems the most like a cut and dry, true snub.

Oh, and while we’re talking costumes, I’d like to submit for re-examination the majesty that was all of Leia’s coats and space jewelry.

Via Disney

The Florida Project

This was Sean Baker’s follow-up to 2015’s Tangerine, and it’s a phenomenal film. It’s emotionally devastating but also funny and sweet. It’s also beautifully shot. The cast–most of whom weren’t professional actors–is incredible, and Willem Dafoe absolutely deserved his Supporting Actor nomination. But that’s the only award the film got.

I know I was just saying that these are all just subjective opinions, but personally, I think The Florida Project absolutely should have been included in those Best Picture noms.

That it wasn’t nominated for Best Director or Best Cinematography makes me think no one at the Academy actually saw it. I can’t think of another explanation.

Girl’s Trip

The Academy has trouble recognizing comedies (and black films, and female-led films), but Tiffany Haddish sure would have made a great and worthy addition to that Best Supporting Actress list.

Lego Batman

How was this not listed among the Best Animated movies?

Dee Rees

We are so happy to see all the love for Mudbound, including a screenwriting co-nomination for Rees (who is the first black woman to be nominated for an adapted screenplay), and another for Rachel Morrison’s cinematography (the first woman to ever be nominated in the category).

But why is there no recognition for Rees as a director? Here’s what Carey Mulligan has to say about that.

She was actually quoting herself there, saying “I said this last year, I think, in Sundance, but if Dee was a white man, she’d be directing the next Star Wars. She’d be nominated for an Oscar.” We don’t disagree.

What were you disappointed to see left on the list of nominees?

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