Dr. Vegapunk imprisoned on Egghead in One Piece episode 1108
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‘One Piece’ Episode 1109 Release Date Confirmed

Whether you’re reading the One Piece manga or watching the One Piece anime, Egghead is heating up. It’s truly wild that the manga and the anime are in the same arc—and for the first time ever, the dub is also about to be, too. What a wild world we live in!

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For anime-watchers, Egghead has essentially transformed into Among Us. The Straw Hats, Vegapunk and his satellites, CP-O, and the Seraphim are all locked in the Labophase together. Someone is betraying Vegapunk, leading to Vegapunk himself being imprisoned and the Seraphim turning on their supposed allies. But we don’t know who. Will the traitor kill everyone off while they’re doing puzzles in the control room? Who’s to say?

Episode 1108 ended with Luffy and Zoro preparing to square off against Mihawk’s Seraphim and a Pacifista Mark III, all while Zoro realized that the Mihawk Seraphim has the Devil Fruit power of Baroque Works’ Mister 1, who he fought way back in Alabasta. The Dice-Dice Fruit turns the user’s entire body into a sword—a rather terrifying power for a clone of Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world without a Devil Fruit.

So when will we get to learn more about the traitor and what happens in the Mihawk Seraphim fight? Will that even be in the next episode, or …?

Yes, there’s a new episode, but …

There is a new One Piece episode this weekend, but there’s a catch. As usual, One Piece airs in Japan on Sunday mornings at 10AM. Crunchyroll simulcasts One Piece, because that company contains some very nice people who work very hard. That means, on Crunchyroll, the new episode drops at 9PM ET/6PM Pacific on Saturday night. New episodes are also available shortly thereafter on Netflix, because we truly live in the Great Pirate Era.

But the episode airing this weekend, on June 15, won’t be episode 1109. It will be one of those recap episodes, in which cute versions of characters talk about the exploits of a certain arc or certain set of characters so far. These are labeled as “specials” in Crunchyroll. The upcoming one, E-SP13, will focus on the exploits of the various incarnations of the Four Emperors.

Since One Piece airs new episodes almost every week of the year, these specials help give the animators some more time to deliver peak animation week after week—which, while the specials themselves might be annoying at first glance, means they’re a net good overall.

That means episode 1109 proper is set to air the following Sunday, on the evening of June 22, 2024.

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