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The Latest ‘One Piece’ Arc Is Coming Into Focus

Many, many chapters ago now, One Piece manga readers were teased about the enormity of the “Egghead Incident.” As the arc comes to a climax after one hell of a flashback, we’re starting to get a sense of what exactly the “Egghead Incident” is—and it’s shaping up to be just as world-shaking as promised.

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Major spoilers for the One Piece Egghead arc ahead

In the span of Egghead alone, we’ve met the famous Dr. Vegapunk—who Oda once teased would show up only in One Piece‘s endgame; we’ve gotten a Bartholomew Kuma flashback, which presented us with a different perspective on events from the manga which were first published 16 years ago; and we’ve given the freaking Five Elders names, while one of them enters the active action of the series for the first time ever. It’s been a hell of a time.

At the outset of chapter 1104, Vegapunk, the cyborg which once held the mind of Kuma (and probably still does, to some extent), Luffy (now an emperor of the sea), Admiral Kizaru, and the Elder Saint Jaygarcia Saturn are all within about five feet of each other. What would possibly happen?

Which brings us to chapter 1105. One Piece chapter 1105 is currently set to release on Sunday, January 28, 2024. We expect that the manga will likely be “on” for three weeks in a row, starting with chapter 1104 on January 21.

Anything you see about chapter 1105 before January 28 is a leak—both an unofficial translation and an unofficial release. Please wait for the official Sunday release. With everything happening in the One Piece world, the wait will be worth it.

(featured image: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha)

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