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One Meme To Define Our Entire Emotions for the Week

There can only be one bird with a third eye.

Twitter user extraordinaire JuanPa (writer John Paul Brammer) found the perfect meme to sum up our emotions for this neverending hellweek. It’s important to note for us all that it is only Wednesday, Lemon. Meaning there are still two days left and already this week has reached an astronomical level of “What the f**k is going on?” because really, what is going on?

Between the amount of jaw-dropping think pieces being written that probably shouldn’t be written and George H. W. Bush’s funeral, we used Brammer’s incredible tweet to relate to all the insanity that is currently the week of December 2nd through December 8th of 2018.

When we read that Ariana Grande think piece that the outlet has since apologized for:

When we read all the bad takes on the Captain Marvel trailer:

When we read that New York Times piece about the WASPs and how much the writer misses the era of patrician white supremacy:

When we saw The Cut writing about, then taking down, an utterly bizarre and nigh-on incoherent take about Priyanka Chopra being a “scam artist” and getting one over on innocent Nicholas Jonas:

When we saw that Lena Dunham had more to say:

When people started to attack George H. W. Bush’s service dog:

When we saw those two guys just having a battle of middle fingers in the middle of a busy New York street for no reason:

When Natalie Portman and Jessica Simpson were suddenly feuding like this is the early 2000s:

When the president didn’t know the words to a prayer despite being so ‘religious’:

When Netflix paid 100 million dollars to keep streaming Friends when people can just watch TBS every day:

And finally, when we all looked back on everything going on and saw that it was, somehow, not 6 o’clock yet:

The sad part? It is only Wednesday. So that means that there are, easily, 2 more days (and the rest of today) for people to continue to wreak havoc upon the Internet. But at least you can sit and look at this bird for the next 20 minutes and laugh until you cry like I did. This is the bird that broke The Mary Sue staff; some of them are still laughing as I type this.

(image: screengrab)

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