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Star Wars #12 Just Made Some History With a Few Lightsabers

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I’m pretty sure this moment in Marvel’s Star Wars #12 comic blew all of the incredible moments in each of the Force Awakens trailers away, and it did so in just a few panels.

When the good ol’ Star Wars crew head to Nar Shaddaa to rescue Luke Skywalker from a Hutt, they find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation. Enter R2-D2, who some freakin’ how has a stash of lightsabers stored away for just such an occasion. He fires them out of his chrome dome (just like in Return of the Jedi), giving one each to Han and Leia. Oh, and Chewie’s totally on board, too, except he’s totally got two.

Never figured Chewie for a dual wielding type. Always figured he would be a student of the double-blade. Oh, well.

The best part about this is that this is the first time we see Leia wielding a lightsaber. She’s force-sensitive (as we all know), but never has she ever been shown using an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. In the old EU, she had a blue lightsaber–which is exactly what she wields in Star Wars #12.

leia lightsaber

The best thing is that these comics are totally canon, so who knows, maybe we’ll get to see Leia hacking away at some First Order cronies with a lightsaber sometime soon.

Oh, gosh. You feel that? That’s the hype meter rising another level.

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