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Seven Never-Before-Seen Minutes of Footage Some Fan Sneaked of Return of the Jedi in 1982

Our Adorable Past


Funny thing about the internet. Seems like there are all kinds of people today looking to grab secrets from film sets and get internet karma from it, and because the internet can spread information so quickly and irrevocably, studios have to be real careful about who gets to see them work. But before the internet, people were still trying to get a look at movies in production, just to have some grainy video that they could show the other few friends they had who would be interested in that kind of thing! And studios didn’t have to go crazy trying to keep them away, because there was no way they’d be able to spread that footage or those pictures very far. Our adorable past, indeed.

You’ll notice very early on that this video is without audio, and so we’ve tried to provide some suitable musical accompaniment below the cut. Just click through there, and play one of the videos while you’re playing the top one.

(via /Film.)

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