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OK Go Does The Muppet Show Theme Song

it's time to play the music

OK Go – ‘The Muppet Show Theme’ by nmemagazine

We’ve known for a while now that, like us, OK Go have a deep seated affection for the Muppets and everything about them. Just check out the adorable video of a deliriously happy and flustered Damian Kulash meeting Kermit the Frog below. And I’d always assumed that the “Muppets cover album” mentioned in that video was out, and I should probably find the time to go look for it and listen to it, but apparently it’s actually coming out at the end of this month. The cover of The Muppet Show Theme that Kulash mentioned all that time ago has been revealed beforehand, and you can play it above.

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(NME via Comics Alliance.)

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