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Rian Johnson Posts More Episode VIII Set Photos, Celebrates Halfway Point of Shoot

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Rian Johnson’s probably recognizes that next December might be too long of a wait for many of us Star Wars fans, so he’s been teasing us poor saps with some great photos from the set of Episode VIII. He posted a few of these to his Tumblr page (of all places), the same place he posted those photos of Lupita Nyong’o in a motion capture suit animating Maz Kanata. This time around, he’s got a photo of what looks to be someone wiping down the canopy of an X-Wing while its pilot sits inside, waiting. The pilot is as yet unidentified. Go ahead and feel free to use your best pub trivia photo round skills to try to guess who it might be. I’d love to hear your guesses in the comments.

x-wing pilot ep 8

Next up, we’ve got a photo of a First Order officer standing at a control panel. Just like in the previous shot, there’s someone wiping down the console, getting it all nice and shiny for the shot. Looking at the officer’s helmet, I find myself reminded of the helmets worn by those Death Star technicians featured in the Death Star’s firing sequence. I’m not going to try to stretch this out to say that maybe there’s another super-weapon they’ve gotta deal with here, cause this could just as easily be another old bulkhead in a new Star Destroyer. Totally fine.

first order officer ep 8

Whatever the case, it’s pretty exciting to think that they’re halfway done through shooting. As /Film’s Jacob Hall astutely points outThe Force Awakens didn’t get its title until it was done shooting, so this may very well mean we’re halfway to finding out what Episode VIII‘s title is going to be. I’ve got money on “The Force Hits Snooze,” to be followed by “Star Wars Episode IX: The Force Is Not a Morning Person and Needs More Coffee“.

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