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Japan’s Official Pillow-Fighting Pillow Goes On Sale Today

Let the games begin!



Apparently not only does Japan have an a countrywide annual pillow fight, they also have an official pillow corporation, and now an official corporation-accredited pillow, the badly-translated Pillow Officially Recognized By The All Japan Pillow Fighting Association. Wow, pillow is a weird word, huh?

The All Japan Pillow Fighting Association just accredited the pillow, available online as of today for 3,150 yen, or around $32. That’s pretty cheap as far as designer pillows go, but I’m not sure the PORBTAJPFA will provide as much restful comfort as your Tempurpedic–the fighting pillow is filled with dense latex and elastic for years of playful thwacking.

The pillow's filling--sadly, no feathers will float picturesquely to the ground a la something from Little Women.

The pillow’s filling–sadly, no feathers will float picturesquely to the ground a la something from Little Women.

Although the pillow may not be ideal for napping, lots of thought and probable slumber party case studies went into ensuring that a PORTBTAJFPA will provide its wielder with the maximum amount of fun without sacrificing safety. Rocket News 24 reports that

The pillows also come without any tags or fasteners that might cause injury… Finally, the fabric is white and gray, which is supposed to make it easier to spot the spinning cushions coming straight for your face.

Here’s a video of last weekend’s All Japan Pillow Fighting Tournament in Ito so you can see the need for a Grade-A wallop and plot your inevitable move to Japan.

(via Laughing Squid, image via Ratuken)

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