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Official Maps of Game of Thrones’ Westros Coming Soon

You know nothing Jon Snow

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I make no secret of the fact that I’ve never read Game of Thrones or watched an episode of it. I’ve certainly read quite a few recaps of the show in the process of editing for the site, but I’m well aware that that means I may have missed some details here and there.

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Like the fact that The Song of Ice and Fire is the only exhaustively plotted and set high fantasy series (of the appendix full of family trees variety) that doesn’t have a map in the beginning of every book that I’ve ever heard of. Seriously, guys? I’m so sorry. I can’t believe it took them until now to make them. Here are just a few snippets of the maps from The Lands of Ice and Fire. You can find more (including ones that chart the travel of all the characters), and details about the new atlas, at io9.

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