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NYCC Entertainment Guests Announced… Including Chad Michael Murray?

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With San Diego Comic Con well in the summer’s past, it’s the east coast’s turn to unleash its urban geeks. For most comic conventions, everyone anticipates which celebrities of nerd-dom will ultimately show up at one of these conventions to promote his or her new project. The New York City Comic Con is still a month away (Oct. 13-16), but some interesting and surprising guests have been announced (with more hopefuls to still be added to the guest list), including: Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill, Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin Smith/Jason Mewes), actor Jason Momoa from this summer’s Conan the Barbarian, director John Landis, actress Rose McGowan, actor Stephan Lang, actor Kevin Sorbo of Hercules, Lou “the one and only Hulk” Ferrigno and — if you thought it couldn’t get any more random — actor Chad Michael Murray(?)

Now before we all go sucking our teeth, Mr. Murray, of One Tree Hill fame, has apparently written a graphic novel entitled Everlast, which comes out this month. The story follows the titular character, Derek Everlast, who must go on a journey to save the world from destruction, but he wakes up every morning forgetting about the people he is supposed to save; the graphic novel’s tagline basically spells out the premise: “One Man, One Soul, One Day At A Time.” Not much else has been revealed, but back in March the Orlando Sentinel caught up with Murray, who talked about the long journey it took to write his first graphic novel that took 7 years in the making; it’s being published by Archaia Comics. Murray also confessed his slow ascendance into the comic book writing world, “I’ve become a fan of graphic novels. I never was before, but it’s so freeing. It’s a great way to tell a story. The guys we’re working with producing it are so open and so out there.” To find out more about Everlast, Murray’s website gives a glimpse at some of the panels and concept art; you can also download a short story by Murray entitled Phoenix. Until then, I guess we’ll see what happens.

To find out who else is going to show, including guests from the comic book scene, at NYCC 2011, make sure to visit! [Editor’s Note: The Mary Sue and Geekosystem will be wandering around the con as well.]

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