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Nyan Cats From Around the World

So, you want to start your own country? Better design a flag, pick an animal and get to work on your Nyan Cat. Around the 4th of July, two very American Nyan Cats got a lot of attention, and so here at Geekosystem, we decided to look into the phenomena and collect as many ethnic nyan cats as possible. It turned out to be an interesting pursuit as the existence and/or quality of a countries Nyan Cat isn’t related to anything as simple as population. In fact, these wonderful Nyans can probably be used as somewhat of a barometer with which to judge the Internet-saviness, meme-awareness and national pride of the cultural groups that associate with a given country. Also how much free time they have and how inclined they are to waste it.

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A few fun statistics (assuming I’ve found all the national Nyan Cats out there):

  • Israel is the smallest country (by population) to have a Nyan Cat.
  • Indonesia is the largest country (by population) not to have one.
  • All Nyan Cats hail from Europe, Asia or North America.
  • France has the largest variety of Nyan Cats (three).

See them all below, play them simultaneously and let the Nyan soak in through your eardrums.

In alphabetical order:

The Canadian Nyan (The Canadi-nyan)

The Chinese Nyan

The Three Musketeers French Nyans

The German Nyan

The Israeli Nyan

The Mexican Nyan

The Russian Nyan, complete with obligatory vodka

The Spanish Nyan

The Swedish Nyan

The United States of America-ian Nyans

All of these Nyan Cats were found on youtube by searching “[country’s demonym] nyan cat.”

If you know of any I missed, hit up the comments.

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