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Creator Of Celebrity Nude Reddit Section Boo-Hoos Over Invasion Of His Privacy

Careful! If you roll your eyes too hard they'll fall out of your head!

look-of-disapproval-lisaYesterday the human backwash that started TheFappening subreddit devoted to sharing nude photographs stolen from female celebrities hosted an “Ask Me Anything” to apologize for his egregiously shitty invasion of women’s privacy whine over imagined free speech violations in an attempt to extend his fifteen minutes of Internet shame fame.

I think it’s important to draw attention to the Redditor’s responses in said AMA, not only because irony is an elusive and often misunderstood concept rarely demonstrated as perfectly as it was yesterday, but also because it’s vital to recognize the degree of chucklefuckery a person attains when deciding to benefit from a sex crime.

In one of the lowlife’s most telling responses, The Scumbag Who Won’t Be Named replied to a question about TheFappening’s shutdown by promising  “I won’t be bullied into silence […] I am not happy […] if they banned my sub on Sunday (or even Monday after we broke the servers) I would be fine with it. But, they made a decision that seems based on what their lawyers say, rather than what is best for the site.” Asked if he felt guilty for violating victims’ privacy, he replied “No. I created it on a whim and just rode the wave as it went viral. My only regret is that the admins folded to legal pressure.”

Also, you guys, the Redditor has a totally valid, rational reason for wanting to continue using women’s bodies as a commodity in exchange for fake popularity points on the Internet:

Being part of reddit history is why I want this sub to continue. We have had the fastest growing sub of all time, and more than 250,000,000 page views in less than a week. I want this to keep going.

Wow. For anyone who thought the money raised for charity by the subreddit indicated any remorse or wish to make amends, it’s pretty clear from the above statement that if (Hera forbid) another large-scale hack happens, TheFappening creator would have no problem violating women’s privacy for personal gain again. But hey, in cause you’re curious (you’re definitely not), he wants the world to know:

I don’t fap to celeb pic. I need more than that.

This might not be a popular statement, but I’m going to put it out there that anyone who takes advantage of what is, again, a sex crime, by looking at leaked pictures for whatever reason, is just as bad as this guy. Don’t be this guy. We can all be better than this guy.

(via Boing Boing)

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