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Producer Frank Marshall Says They’re Not Recasting Indiana Jones for Future Movies

It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.


Can you imagine anyone but Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones? It seems like producer Frank Marshall can’t. Marshall spoke with Total Film recently about the franchise, stating that they’re not going to do “the Bond thing” and have different actors assume the character.

There are a lot of rumors. We haven’t even sat down to talk about Indy yet… at some point we’ll sit down. But there’s a bunch of people who could probably take the baton. [But we are] not doing the Bond thing where we’re going to call somebody else Indiana Jones… we have to figure this out.

Spielberg has said he wants to do Indy 5 with Ford, which would be exciting. But, uh, there will be some things to figure out. Will Ford still be running around with the fedora and whip? Or will he be mentoring a younger archeologist, like so many on the internet are speculating?

While it’ll be cool to see Ford back, I don’t think a recasting would be so bad for Indiana Jones. The internet was a pretty big fan of Chris Pratt, although the casting news turned out to be rumors and I wouldn’t mind Anna Kendrick either. What do you think?

(via SlashFilm)

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