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Nokia Nebulously Joins the Tablet Game

Probably no surprise to anyone except people who don’t expect companies to throw their hat into a ring that is already completely overflowing with hats until they spill on the floor, Nokia has officially confirmed that they are entering the tablet game.

Nokia’s top designer, Marko Ahtisaari, confirmed that Nokia is “working on it,” when asked by Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio. He said he devotes a third of his time toward working on Nokia’s tablet. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has said the company needs to take a different approach to the tablet market, something that would obviously be a good and sensical move, as the tablet market is pretty much full up at the moment.

Even though Ahtisaari said they’re working on it, and even gave the precise fraction of his time devoted to the endeavor, a Nokia spokesperson said that they continue to “eye the tablet space with interest,” but added that the company has made no specific announcements. To be fair, their top designer is “working on it” doesn’t technically mean that the company will actually produce a tablet — it could simply mean that they are devoting time to seeing if producing a tablet would be a good idea. No, is most likely the answer in this market, but maybe they’ll surprise us.

(via Reuters)

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