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The Tablet Revolution and the Future of News [Infographic]

When the iPad first released, many analysts speculated that the device had no place amongst consumers, except amongst the diehard techies that needed to own every new device. Some speculated that the tablet PC wouldn’t find a home amongst casual computer users due to the smaller screen and lack of keyboard. However, as the industry quickly found out, the opposite took place, and the casual users were the ones that adopted the tablet PC much more than the hardcore computer users. It seems obvious now — why would a power user give up a mouse, keyboard, and horsepower? Why wouldn’t a casual user adopt an easy-to-use touchscreen interface?

An easy-to-use, portable device is generally what the casual market likes, and that type of device makes it easy to consume anything the device can actually run. In the case of the tablet PC, the Pew Research Center in collaboration with The Economist Group found that 77 percent of tablet owners use their tablet every day, and spend an average of 90 minutes on them — an amount of time that one would speculate accounts for an average person’s personal computer time per day. One of the most popular activities spent on the tablet is consuming news, and 3-in-10 tablet users actually spend more time consuming news now that they have a tablet. News seems to be going the way of the portable device, with the tablet leading the charge, and here’s all that information. Infographically.

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