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Nintendo Games Make Surprisingly Perfect Pulp Covers, We Await Your Fanfic

Just don't call her "Metroid."


  1. The Bounty Hunter The Bounty Hunter SHE IS NO MAN.
  2. Taken ...Again Taken ...Again I nominate this for the next Taken sequel. Mario's very particular set of skills involves mushrooms and fireballs.

    Then things get dark when Mario is on a bad trip and tries to wear a raccoon's skin to gain its powers of flight.
  3. Twilight Gal Twilight Gal I just made a mental connection between Twilight's werewolves and Link turning into a werewolf in Twilight Princess that I wish I could undo.
  4. Burial at Sea Burial at Sea OK, so this one isn't Nintendo, but it fits too well to ignore.

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