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Watch the Nintendo Switch Reveal Event Replay

(Replay begins around the 33-minute mark.)

Nintendo’s Switch presentation is finally upon us, and after tonight, we’ll know all the things about the system that we didn’t learn from the stylish but substance-thin reveal video. The presentation kicks off at 11PM EST, and you can watch the live stream above!

So what are we likely to learn tonight? We’ll almost certainly find out how much the system will cost and exactly what date in March it will make its debut. One of the most important pieces of information that we hope is addressed, but may very well be saved for later, would be the system’s battery life. That’s a huge sticking point for a portable console. Meanwhile, reports have circulated that the Switch boasts more graphical power when docked, not because of additional hardware, but because it can draw more power—enough to bump its resolution to one suitable for TV screens.

We’ll also learn about launch window games, likely including a new Mario title (of course), but other games are a bit more uncertain. Even games that were shown off in the reveal video turned out not to necessarily be guaranteed, and there are rumors of a new Pokémon game along with ports of Wii U games and maybe even GameCube virtual console games, so sorting all that out is one of the biggest things to look forward to tonight. Hopefully, games will be the focus tonight, as Nintendo’s slow flow of software to the Wii U (despite its quality) was one of that system’s biggest problems.

We’ll also probably find out some of the more user-friendly system specs like storage capability. As for more obscure things we’ll be looking for, the Switch is rumored to have all kinds of other fancy abilities that weren’t in its initial showcase, including the possibility of projecting images onto your hands that you can interact with and GPS functionality. While it’s very possible that all of those rumors will turn out to be false, and the Switch’s gimmick is what we’ve already seen, we’re still holding out hope that Nintendo held something back in the initial announcement that will impress us tonight.

Will there be alternate controller attachments for specific games? Does the Switch feature a touch screen? Probably not, since you can dock it, and still play, right? Is there any motion control aspect at all? We’ll find out soon.

(image via Nintendo)

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