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This Cat Proves Cats Are the Best by Saving a Boy From a Dog

See? Your cat isn't lazy. It's just saving its energy in case you need it.

In a video put together with footage from what seem to be two separate security cameras, a young boy is attacked by a dog, and the family cat comes out of nowhere with a daring rescue. So take that, dog owners who are certain that their pet choice is better for protection. Maybe we just don’t have enough security cameras set up to catch all the heroics of our furry little ninjas as they drop kick their way to victory.

If you don’t want to see pictures of the poor kid’s leg in what I’m assuming is the emergency room, do yourself a favor and don’t stick around after the rescue. It’s a good thing the cat intervened when it did, and some stitches will fix the damage up in no time. The dog’s pride, on the other hand, will not be so lucky.

(via Daily Dot, image Roger Triantafilo via YouTube)

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