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There’s Now an All-Day Cat Channel, Say Goodbye to Productivity Forever

It's like a Cat Cafe without all the allergies. Or the Internet with all the boring stuff taken out.


If you like your cats all day, every day, from now until eternity, then you’re in luck!  The world now has Cats 24/7, a free online channel devoted entirely to the world wide web’s raison d’être: bringing constant kitty antics onto your computer and into your life. And the Internet saw all that it had made, and behold—it was purrfect.

Cats 24/7 is available on Channel 406 of Pluto TV, a free web service that follows a traditional television format. Here’s the network’s description of their new feature:

All cats, all the time. 24/7/365. We’ve got kittens too. Meow-mazing.

I would have accepted “furst rate” and “meownumental” as apt descriptors as well, but you get the point: they’re feline pretty proud of their new addition. (I’m fairly certain that your tolerance of bad puns is a good indicator of how much you will enjoy some of the channel’s low-budget offerings.)

Popular programs includes Famous Felines, a variety show starring L’il Bub, Grumpy Cat and friends, Scaredy Cats, Cats Gone Viral, Cartoons and Comedy Cats and my personal favorite, Putting Up With Humans. Toggle buttons on the shows let you to ask the site to send you (or your cat) a reminder when your favorite program is about to air.

Dog lovers, don’t worry: the modern age is catering to your pet fancy as well. Just one channel up from Cats 24/7 is Pluto TV’s Dogs 24/7, with similar programming to its cat equivalent but more joy, affection, and humping. Channel 408 on Pluto TV is, intriguingly, just called Crazy Animals. It doesn’t appear to be 24/7, but maybe that’s for our own protection.

Before sampling Pluto TV’s other animal-based time wasters, I recommend sitting down with Cats 24/7 first and letting constant kitty exposure wash over you like a warm (tongue) bath. Right now, I’m watching a trio of cats hang out in a tub of popcorn, and I have no regrets—other than wishing I felt more worthy.

(The Daily Dot via Jezebel, image via Marco Tersigni)

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