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Dog Gets Bad Haircut, Walks Around Upright for Days in Indignation

Whatever, dog, I've been doing that for years.


If angry Pomeranian Jin Dan can teach us one thing, it’s this: don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, except when you really, really want to live in a world where it could be true.

Rocket News 24 reported recently on a story that could obviously be a hoax but is a matter of grave international importance nonetheless: a dog got a haircut he did not like. Jin Dan the Pomeranian allegedly responded to a bad shave by rearing up on his hind legs, strolling around, and making fun of our dumb human way of walking. Alternative theories for his behavior: demonic possession and extreme buoyancy caused by fluff-deficiency.


Jin Dan’s owner posted to social media┬áto say she was concerned about her pet’s psychological fitness. She also did her duty as a citizen of the world and posed the pint-sized protester for a photoshoot.


Appearance is clearly important to Din Jan.


Flashing the world some dog dong in protest.


Covering up a little. For modesty’s sake.

A vet eventually told Jin Dan’s owner that her dog was psychologically distressed and would need extra attention to recover from the blow to his pride (the Internet can probably help him out with that). The Pomeranian has accepted the indignity the world thrust upon him and is reportedly now walking around like other, boring dogs.


Never forget.

(RocketNews24 via Jezebel, image via Weibo)

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