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Join Jon Snow & Game Of Thrones Fans In Massive Night’s Watch Oath Recording Online

You know nothing Jon Snow

If you ever thought about joining The Night’s Watch, now’s your chance. HBO has set up a new website where fans can join an “oath chorus” led by Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, for a large-scale vocal recording of Game of Thrones fans. 

If you’re game, head to There you can listen to the oath and add your voice to the mix. Here’s how it works:

  • Recorder Application: Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) leads visitors through a reciting of the Night’s Watch Oath. Visitors will be asked to don headphones for the best audio experience, and once ready, they will click the “Take My Oath” button again. A countdown will appear on-screen, after which Snow will speak the Night’s Watch Oath to lead visitors through it. The oath’s words will also appear on screen and will be highlighted as they’re spoken by Snow, much like a Karaoke prompter.
  • Playback: Once completed, visitors can listen to the recording they just made. They can then approve or re-record their audio, after which they can see a new version of the “Night’s Watch Oath” video and hear their own voice mixed on top of the cumulative audio from all the others who have “Taken the Black.”
  • Alternate Audio Mixes: Now visitors can search between audio mixes featuring just their own voice (“Just Me”), the chorus of voices (“Everyone Else”) or a combination of both (“Me and Everyone Else”). Once they select their mix of choice, they will click the “Use This Mix” button and be welcomed as a member of the Night’s Watch. They can also search for other voices.
  • Sharing: After choosing a mix, visitors will be given a direct URL and social media links (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) should they want to share their reading of the oath. If they choose to login to Facebook, they will be able to see which of their friends have “Taken The Black” and choose to hear a new version of the audio using only their friends’ voices.
  • Featured Voices: Visitors will also be able to hear separate voices from other members of the cast, celebrities and big players in established fan communities.

You have from now until February 18th to participate. On the 19th, HBO will premiere the full chorus of fans reciting the oath in celebration of the Season 2 DVD/blu-ray release. And you might want to keep track of the Game of Thrones Facebook and Twitter accounts, looks like they may be playing the whole recording live in New York City.

I just tried it out for myself and had to re-record because the first time I managed to slip into a British accent. It was pretty ridiculous, but fun.

(image courtesy of HBO)

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