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New Trailer for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 Drops, Fills Me With Excitement and Fear


Levi Ackermann looking even more badass than he already did in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

Somehow, the first installation of the third part of the fourth season of Attack on Titan is already upon us. It’s the actual beginning of the actual end! Attack on Titan: The Final Season started back in 2020, and three more seasons within one single Final Season later, here we are. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. Just enjoy the ride. Because one week before Season 4 Part 3 Part 1 (I’m not making that up) kicks off, a new trailer for the season dropped. It’s our first look and what lies ahead, and—oh boy.

I jest about all this from love, I swear. It’s been a confusing road for us Attack on Titan fans, as we try to figure out what MAPPA’s grand plan is for the end of the series. But the Final Season itself as been incredible. I have no complaints. Upon seeing this new footage, I’m craving more. Especially since it’s the first time in a while that my Best Guy, Levi Ackermann, has been up ‘n at ’em.

Spoilers for Attack on Titan: The Final Season below!


There’s a lot here. Still, I’m definitely not the only Attack on Titan fan who’s main takeaway from this trailer is going to be, “YAY LEVI!” He’s a fan-favorite. Okay, he’s also my favorite. After getting exploded at the end of Part 1, he’s back to his usual, dry self. Except now, he has scars which made him look even more badass. He looks like Kishibe from Chainsaw Man. Except without the alcoholism. Which is good.

Elsewhere, we get our first good look at Eren’s Founding Titan. And, guys? He looks terrifying. Like, actually, genuinely scary. I do not enjoy looking at him this way. Bad news, all around. He could also probably use an exfoliant.

We also see Eren’s remaining peers from the Scouts—led by Mikasa and Armin, his former best buds—in the Coordinate. How they manage to get to the Coordinate will be fascinating to see (I haven’t read the manga, so no spoilers, please). The Coordinate is a shared point for all Subjects of Ymir, but it’s not exactly a place you can just snap your fingers and enter. Previously, Zeke had the ability to access it, as someone with royal blood. But everyone else who has entered that space has been there because Zeke or the Founding Titan brought them there.

We also see the actual Ymir in the Coordinate, and beside her—a child version of Eren. Because this series has to make us question every time we’ve ever thought that we liked Eren. While also serving up a vibe like Elden Ring meets The Shining.

This upcoming slew of episodes will not be the end of Attack on Titan. There will be a second half to Part 3. I know. It’s confusing. But despite all these shenanigans, seeing this trailer reminded me of why I ultimately shrug off the messaging hoopla. The series is just so damn gripping. The first episode of drops Friday, March 3rd at 10:25 AM ET, assuming Crunchyroll continues with its simulcasts. I can’t wait.

(Featured image: MAPPA)

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