New Tool Lets You Choose Baby Names Based on Availability of that Name as a Domain

How babby is named?

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Naming a baby can be hard, and there are a lot of factors to consider. Should you name the child after family? How will other kids use the name to tease your kid? Is your baby’s name available as an Internet domain name. That last one’s probably not a thing many parents consider, but now there’s an online tool that suggests baby names based on domain availability. works by allowing users to input their last name and to select the gender (or non-gender “Whatever” option) of the impending child. It then spits back a few suggestions of names with available domains.

Remington Skywalker

They also link directly to a site where you can buy those domain, but if you don’t like any of the first 10 suggestions (Not that anyone wouldn’t like Remington Skywalker) you can pay $9 for more suggestions $3 for more suggestions. (They’re on sale at the moment.)

There are countless baby-naming books and websites out there already, but is trying to fill a need I’m not sure anyone actually has. It’s easy enough to just type potential baby names into a domain site’s search engine to see what’s available. Maybe they could add a feature that lets you add “Danger” as the middle name to see if that’s available?

( via Business Insider, images via screengrab)

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