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Revamped Teen Titans Releases First Image

Great Hera!

In the torrent of news regarding D.C.’s upcoming reboot/re-imagination, the first image and description of the upcoming Teen Titans reboot has released. It was stated earlier that none of the new members of Teen Titans will have met each other before, which is emphasized in the description:

Tim Drake is forced to step out from behind his keyboard when an international organization seeks to capture or kill super-powered teenagers. As Red Robin, he must team up with the mysterious and belligerent powerhouse thief known as Wonder Girl and a hyperactive speedster calling himself Kid Flash in TEEN TITANS #1, by Scott Lobdell and artists Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund.

Clearly depicted in the image is the former Young Justice gang, namely Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy, and Kid Flash. Also included in the new team are two new unidentifiable female heroes; one of which appears to have volcano-based powers, and the other apparently a doppelganger of Witchblade.

With the continuity established by Young Justice and the last couple years of Teen Titans now eradicated, this recent revelation leaves a lot of questions open. For starters, with Wonder Girl now supposedly an aggressive thief, what exactly is her connection with Wonder Woman? Her actions hardly seem like sidekick behavior. Similarly, with a younger version of Batman being presented in this revamped universe, it seems hard to believe that he’s had four Robins, leaving Tim Drake’s (Red Robin) place in continuity up in the air. Also, the ambiguously red-ish brown hair color on Kid Flash makes it inconclusive whether he is Bart Allen, or Wally West. Granted, Kid Flash’s impish look in the picture makes me lean more towards Bart.

The new costumes certainly stray from the ones we are used to, with Red Robin and Kid Flash’s costumes being presented as a cooler, updated variation on some classic motifs. Wonder Girl’s new costume renders her nearly recognizable, and resembles more closely her former (in past continuity) teammate’s dark Arrowette costume. And the “S” magically  (Editor’s Note: We hypothesize a red Kryptonite ink with a green Kryptonite needle.) tattooed on the character, who I assume is still named Conner, seems more likely to stand for the Situation, then for Superboy.

Details regarding the new Static Shock, Hawk and Dove, and Legion titles were also released by D.C. yesterday.

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