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New Report Claims Specific Details On Wonder Woman’s Batman v Superman Costume

Ayiyiiyiyiyiyi! says “sources” have told them the exact details of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If true, a lot of fans are going to be relieved.

You can watch the above video they put together, complete with several comic book illustration references, or read the gist from their site:

The reports of Wonder Woman wearing the pre-new52 jacket and leggings outfit are inaccurate. Completely. The description of the outfit from our source uses the term “badass” on multiple occasions. This Wonder Woman is ripped right from the comics and has a “traditional, yet sleeker” costume that’s “battle ready.” She’ll have a blue leather skirt, silver-armored cuffs that reach to her elbows, golden tiara (with a design of some sort in the center, possibly the red star) and a variation of the traditional-looking red top (no word on additional armor on it). Her overall appearance is described as “Amazon warrior princess” and definitely not an urban reimagining. She’s there to kick ass and that’s readily apparent. Word is that WB is getting a VERY positive response on her appearance to those they’ve shown it to.

They also cite her as having several bits of warrior gear including “shield, sword, spear, and of course, the traditional lasso.” All of that sounds good to me…if any of it is true. Difficult when folks won’t go on the record. Something tells me if it doesn’t leak before then, we’ll be seeing her costume reveal at San Diego Comic-Con.

There’s more on Batman and Lex Luthor (who we just recently found out would have hair and a cool helicopter) at the source.

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