Goodbye, Boob Window: There’s a New Power Girl and She Is Rad as Heck

Do I want to be her best friend or be her?

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After taking on the legacy mantle of Power Girl in her very first appearance over six months ago, new DC Comics character Tanya Spears is finally getting the chance to join the Teen Titans in their latest story arc, and we can’t wait to see what she’s got.

A bit of background on the character: Tanya was first introduced in World’s Finest #23 as a super intelligent 17 year old scientist who helped Power Girl Karen Starr and Huntress Helena Wayne return to their home on Earth-2. After their departure, she discovered that she’d developed powers of super strength and flight similar to Power Girl’s, and in Worlds Finest #26 she was also bequeathed the name “Power Girl” by Starr’s attorney. So, basically, she’s the new Power Girl for Prime Earth.

Now DC’s looking to ramp up interest in the character by promoting her throughout the most recently printed issues via this flashy splash page (though Eddie Berganza incorrectly lists her age as “16” for some reason):

Her costume here almost exactly similar to the one she wore in World’s Finest: Future’s End, although there’s a major element missing: the iconic and oft-criticized “boob window” that was once Power Girl’s Karen Starr’s trademark. This design still isn’t perfect without the window, of course (here we still see the stereotypical perfectly-outlined-bellybutton-and-cleavage that so many female superheroes have for some reason), and I do sort of wish she were getting her own series—after all, that’s part of the reason it was so easy to get quickly invested in Ms Marvel, who’s also a teenage WOC legacy character. But it’s still very refreshing to see DC Comics working to create some new positive and diverse representation, especially in the form of a bad ass super-smart, awesomely cosplayable girl like Tanya. Seriously, tell me you wouldn’t wear that jacket.

Power Girl officially joins the Teen Titans in their sixth issue (though you probably caught her in #5, and on the Kenneth Rocafort-drawn cover), which will hit comic book shops on January 21st. We’re pretty excited, how about you?

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