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LEGO Unveils Gorgeous New Star Wars B-Wing Fighter

The Ultimate Collectors Series by LEGO is really the high-water mark of the sets you can buy. Their run of Star Wars vehicles have also been fantastic, creating clever versions of the iconic spacecraft. The newly announced B-Wing Fighter is no exception. See more of this incredible 1,486 piece set below.

Besides the incredible detail, the set features some interesting build techniques and pieces. For one, the tank tread around the rotating pilot pod was taken from a ’70s era set and has never been released in grey before. More interesting, however, is the model’s use of two-by-two bricks with two studs on their side. This allowed the wing elements to be designed as mirror images, which are clipped together along the edge with half-barrel pieces.

Designed entirely for display, the set only features a few movable elements: The rotating pod and movable wings. However, it looks amazing so that’s hardly an issue.

Costing an impressive $199.99, the set is aimed more at your avid collector. While that price tag is certainly keeping my wallet safely in its pocket, I will be drooling enviously over these pictures for the rest of the day.

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