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LEGO Celebrates 50 Years Down Under With Life-Size Trees in the Outback

The folks of Broken Hill in New South Wales woke up this weekend to find their town’s surrounding landscape dotted with life-size LEGO flora. The LEGO trees and flowers are part of the “Festival of Play,” the LEGO Group’s way of celebrating 50 years of LEGO in Australia. Pictures below.

LEGO is recognized as Australia’s most popular toy with LEGO Australia selling over 7 million LEGO products in 2011 alone. LEGO first came to Australia with British salesman John Peddie in 1962. Peddie spent months taking his briefcase full of sample LEGO products from retailer to retailer trying to convince executives to stock the colorful little bricks. As they say, the rest is history.

The Festival of Play kicked off on April 13, 2012 (the same day that John Peddie’s plane touched down in 1962) and the scale LEGO trees and flowers were unveiled in Sydney on the 18th. Talk about a crazy way to start off the day, going out to collect your morning paper to find your kid’s LEGO bricks on the lawn. At least you won’t step on these trees 66 times the size of the toys you get in the boxes. Bare feet rejoice!

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