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This New LEGO Batman Movie Trailer Looks Like What I Wanted Batman v Superman To Be

So cute and funny and omg ROSARIO DAWSON IS BATGIRL.

All of a sudden, I care about DC characters again, what with yesterday’s absolutely excellent debut of the official full-length Wonder Woman trailer, and today’s new trailer for the LEGO Batman movie, introducing us to Rosario Dawson’s version of Batgirl. YESSSS.

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I honestly don’t want to spoil any of the jokes in this trailer, because they’re all so good, and I just want you to watch them. Seriously. I laughed out loud, alone in my house, watching this. It’s so good. Did you watch it yet? Okay? Okay.

So, first of all, we get to see Rosario Dawson’s new Batgirl in this trailer. Obviously, she’s amazing. But also, can we talk about how Rosario Dawson’s version of Batgirl appears to have been re-animated to look like her? The previous promotional designs for LEGO Batgirl looked very, um, pale. But this new version looks much more like Rosario Dawson’s self-described “blend”:


That’s our new Batgirl, standing next to Batman. YES. YESSS.

Next up, can we talk about Zach Galifianakis’ version of the Joker? I love the spin he’s putting on the voice–just the right blend of scary and corny, without going over the top, and still making it his own, in spite of how many Jokers have come before him. Also, the joke about Batman and the Joker dating? I’m here for it.

Lastly, Michael Cera’s version of Robin is freakin’ adorable. I love our new Bat-family, and the joyous fun of this entire trailer, and the fact that it’s a complete contrast to the super-gritty and frankly boring sadness of Batman v Superman. This is the kind of Batman story I can get behind.

(via The Nerdy Bird, image via screencap)

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