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Marvel and ABC Are Developing “The Hulk” for TV

What superhero had a beloved but campy television show in the 70’s, and then kinda fell off the non-comics radar until now, when a new show was announced to be in development?

Well, Wonder Woman.

And now the Hulk!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Hulk is a priority at Marvel‘s television division, which has been running along quietly since Jeph Loeb took charge.

Both are in the early stages of development; Hulk has a “showrunner wanted” placard around its neck, and sources are saying that Guillermo del Toro and “Battlestar Galactica” producer David Eick will be pitching a take.

ABC has not commented on the above, unfortunately, so we can only speculate Hulk fighting things with eyes for hands, or a Hulk show where the hallucinatory Hulk that Bruce Banner was seeing all the time turned out to be an angel, actually.

Marvel presented a slew of TV possibilities to ABC in May, including Cloak and Dagger (which is currently in the same pre-production stages as The Hulk), The Eternals, The Punisher, and Heroes for Hire, featuring Luke Cage (and presumably Isaiah Mustafa).  But don’t expect anything on those last three soon:

Marvel’s TV division wants to take things slow, according to insiders, focusing on one or two shows, making sure they are the best they can be and establishing a quality brand before moving  forward.

There is also no word on whether Marvel television shows will remain canonically synchronized with the movies.  This humble fan doubts it, and indeed hopes not.  There are vastly different schedules and styles that come with writing for television and writing for movies, and I’d hate to see one (or both) suffer for the other.

(via Blastr.)

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