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New Westworld Season Two Photos Provide All-New Speculation Fodder


Cast of HBO show Westworld

Westworld returns to HBO for its second season in April, and after that awesome Super Bowl ad, we’re now starting to get all sorts of new images to salivate and speculate over thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

Thandie Newton as Maeve and Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores from HBO's Westworld on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

A Westworld Season Two preview can be found in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, which is out TODAY. In it, you’ll not only see a bunch of cool new photos, many of which you can see here, as well as at the EW website, but insights into what we might be able to expect from the new season.

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores and Thandie Newton as Maeve on HBO's Westworld

First, I love the emphasis on Dolores and Maeve together. There are several photos like this one above, and like the one on the cover that centers these two as the leaders of the host revolution, and I find that hugely exciting. Especially since, by the final episode of last season, they seemed to be in very different places emotionally.

Maeve, who made the first conscious decision of her life when she got off the train to the outside world to stay in Westworld and find her daughter, seems to be full of hope. Even before she got on the train in the first place, when she was rounding up hosts to help her in her cause, she offered them a choice, while at the same time making human allies. She has a desire to revolt, and to evolve, but she has a seemingly more “human” approach. Dolores, meanwhile, is all rage, what with the shooting humans on horseback and telling Teddy that this world “is ours.” She has absolutely zero time for humanity.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dolores and Maeve eventually work together toward a common goal, but I’m also looking forward to seeing them at odds: two hosts with vastly different experiences of host life trying to figure out what comes next.

Westworld (2018) Jeffrey Wright and a Drone.Season 2

We caught the first glimpse of this mysterious, faceless version of a host in the Super Bowl Season Two ad. According to EW, “That menacing white figure is called a “drone host” and somehow relates to Delos’ top-secret project.” Ah, yes. Delos Corporation. Even though the hosts seemingly have the run of the park now, there’s still the Almighty hand of Delos to contend with, and it seems that they have hosts of their own.

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard and Tessa Thompson as Charlotte in a scene from HBO's Westworld

Speaking of Delos Corporation, it seems that its top henchwoman, Charlotte Hale (played by TMS’ goddess-queen, Tessa Thompson) is still alive after the massacre of the Season 1 finale, and she’s at least talking to Bernard. Whether Bernard is working with the humans, finding his host pride and turning against them, or on a slow journey from one to the other remains to be seen.

Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and Elsie (Shannon Woodward) have also been confirmed to return, and will be experiencing the park as guests, which according to Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy, “I’m not sure they’re enjoying their experience.” Game designer Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) is also back, and not having a great time being a pawn when he’s used to writing for and creating them.

Westworld (2018) Simon Quartermain and Thandie Newton.

What are you most excited about when Westworld returns to HBO in April? Let’s speculate and geek out in the comments below!

(via Entertainment Weekly, image: Entertainment Weekly/HBO)

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