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New Business Lets You Smash Stuff to Vent Your Frustrations

Please tell us there's plans for a New York branch.


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Breaking stuff is a great release, and that’s what Tom Farrenkopf of Boise, Idaho is banking on with his new business, Das Breakroom. He’s charging people to come break stuff with sledgehammers, baseball bats, and other “instruments of destruction,” as he calls them.

So what exactly happens in Das Breakroom? Watch the man himself demonstrating the joys of destruction:

Farrenkopf offers a wide range of objects customers can come purchase and destroy. Everything from plates to vacuum cleaners.

We’ve only got two real questions here, Mr. Farrenkopf:

1. Can you come set one of these up in midtown Manhattan?

2. Can you bring a busted printer?

(KBOI via HyperVocal, image via Stefan Ray)

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