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Do You Believe a Batman Can Fly?

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

New set photos from The Dark Knight Rises reveal a something or other that could be any number of things, but certainly looks and awful lot like a new vehicle in the style of the Tumbler and the Batpod. Pic and speculation behind the jump just in case of the highly spoiler allergic.

A lot of people are calling this evidence of the Batwing (not this one), a Chris Nolan version of Batman’s airplane/hovercraft. And (if you click to embiggen) there are definitely some structures on it that could be seen as tailfins. As to whether it’s a new plane, a new car to replace an increasingly saturated Tumbler market, or even some kind of boat or submarine, remains to be seen. Looks interesting, though.

The bare fact that we’re seeing so much stuff from this Christopher Nolan shoot kind of scares me (in a good way). If Chris Nolan, an incredibly secretive filmmaker for this day and age, is totally fine with us seeing Marion Cotillard in pseudo-Asian dress even though she’s not explicitly cast as Talia, if we get to see Bane on three tumblers, Bane on a football field, Bane fighting Batman and a billion cops in the middle of Gotham during the day

What the heck does he think is too secret for us to see? GAH. Movie. Far. Time. Want now.

(via /Film.)

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