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New Batman Makes Good on Baltimore Batman’s Promise to a Young Boy

Dick, is that you?

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News that Baltimore’s Batman, who visited sick children in hospitals with his own custom Batmobile, had died made us sad earlier this week, but his legacy continues to be an uplifting force in the world. Another Batman swooped in to fulfill a promise he made to a young boy/Robin.

Hundreds gathered to remember Leonard B. Robinson, the Baltimore Batman who once told a young boy named Jacob that he’d always be there for him after helping the child overcome a bullying situation—just the kind of thing you’d expect from Batman at his best. To make good on that promise in Robinson’s stead, another Batman from Huntington, West Virginia (John Buckland), made a trip to meet Jacob and present him with his own key to the Batmobile.

Peggy Taylor, the boy’s grandmother, told WCHS News,

[A] little boy punched him in the face. So he said he was gonna tell Batman! Batman takes Jacob under his arm, leaves kids standing in line. They go back to the bounce house, where Batman confronted the bully, and tells him, gentlemen don’t act that way. That’s not the way to settle your differences. They gave each other a hug and were best of friends the rest of the evening!

And after the new Batman made Jacob a part of the “Batman army,” Taylor said that he fell asleep on the couch still clinging to his Batmobile key.

For whatever moral grey areas Batman may sometimes get into, it’s hard not to be touched by the everlasting symbol he really has become, even in the real world.


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