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Netflix Tortures Us All With a Badass New Featurette for Marvel’s Luke Cage

"[Cage] just can't stand idly by and let things happen."

I know. You’re already chomping at the bit for the arrival of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix September 30th. Almost as if to torture us all, Netflix released this featurette today that will leave you even more excited for this show. As if that were possible.

I cannot wait for Luke Cage, as I was already struck by Mike Colter’s performance in the role on Jessica Jones. I’m especially excited about the fact that this story is being told by black voices, and that there is a very hip-hop feel to the show. In the above video, we get a better idea of the look and feel of Luke Cage in both the criminal elements, as well as the everyday world Cage will inhabit.  Jessica Lachenal already wrote about the awesomeness of Cottonmouth (played by Mahershala Ali) and his Biggie photo. It seems that Biggie will be an ever-present thread running throughout the series.

In this footage, where they talk about Luke sweeping up hair at a barber shop when he discovers that Cottonmouth runs Harlem, I notice that the barber shop is called “Pop’s Barber Shop,” which instantly made me think of this lyric from Notorious BIG’s “Warning”:

It’s my n—-r Pop from the barber shop
Told me he was in the gamblin’ spot and heard the intricate plot
Of n—–s wanna stick me like flypaper neighbor
Slow down love, please chill, drop the caper


There are also interviews with series stars Colter, Rosario Dawson (who reprises her role as ‘Night Nurse’ Claire Temple) and Simone Missick (who plays Misty Knight), as well as show creator and Executive Producer Cheo Hodari Coker. They focus on the fact that, despite his powers, Luke Cage represents more of an “everyday” hero.

While Colter insists that “Cage didn’t want to get involved” in dealing with Cottonmouth’s criminal grip on Harlem, but “he just can’t stand idly by and let things happen.” Dawson says that it’s exactly this that makes Cage a hero, saying, “If you see a need, and you decide that it’s your responsibility to address it, that’s the Hero’s journey.”

Meanwhile, Missick seems excited by the fact that this superhero show is less about flying around in tights, and more about taking action on the ground. She says, “Here, there are no capes. It’s just…I’m whoopin’ ass!”

Raise your hand if you are so ready to watch Luke Cage whoop some ass on Netflix!

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