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Cottonmouth Wears Symbolic Crown in New Luke Cage Clip

You like my Biggie photo?

Look at you, sitting there waiting for Luke Cage to finally hit Netflix. I see you shiver with antici….pation as new clip after new clip is revealed. The show doesn’t premiere until Sept. 28 so you’ve got just over two weeks to obsess over every bit of footage that has been released so far. Honoring that tradition of hyping up something until audiences are so parched they might start a fire with their tongues, Marvel put forth another new clip and this one is all about Cottonmouth.

Remember in the first trailer, gasping at the stunning imagery of Mahershala Ali (set to play the villainous kingpin in the series) brooding in front of that Notorious B.I.G painting, looking as though the crown were on his head? This clip provides context for that awesome visual and it’s even more chilling than we could have imagined.

“You like my Biggie photo?” he asks, before delivering a devastating blow to his captive. Raise your hand if you were tricked into thinking he was addressing you at first. It’s only 41 seconds of film but I’m already terrified yet intrigued by this ominous figure. Everybody might want to be king but it’s clear from the clip that this guy rules (for now).

(via Polygon, image via Screencap)

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