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Netflix “Just For Kids” Hits iPad, Finally Frees Up the TV From Their Small Grubby Hands

For anyone that has children, Netflix‘s “Just for Kids” portal can truly be like a gift from above. The treasure trove of kid-friendly shows available dwarfs just about any other offering. This portal, unfortunately, has been mostly confined to the television via consoles or the web. There was no good way to have them watch their shows without occupying at least one major screen — and therefore the entire room with the screen — in the process. That time has come to an end; Netflix has finally launched “Just for Kids” on the iPad.

Here’s David Watson, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation for Kids and Families, talking all about the portal making its way to mobile:

If you’re already familiar with the “Just for Kids” portal, or even the concept of Netflix, it’s fairly self-explanatory and pretty spiffy. If not, it’s still pretty spiffy.

(YouTube via Engadget)

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